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Are you ready for the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival?

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Hello everyone! Since the 20th Anniversary of the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival (#Virginiaflyfishingandwinefestival) is just days away, I wanted to fill you in on what I will be doing at the show, where you can find me and what I am/have been doing to prepare for January 11th and 12th.

New for me this year at the show:

This year I will be teaching a new class being offered for youth, it is The Youth Beginner Fly Tying Class, parents are welcomed to stay as well. My class will be offered on Saturday and Sunday, from 10-11am, it only cost $25.00 and you must register in advance (I will have the link at the bottom). I am planning on teaching 2-3 flies; all materials will be provided to tie with, Norvise will be providing a vice for each person to tie on during the class and you child will go home with step my step instructions for the flies we tied. For any adults wanting to take a tying class or try tying on a Norvise (#Norvise #automatticbobbin #madeinamerica), Mr. Tim O’Neill will be teaching an adult tying class from 1-2pm both days. You must pre-register for his class too. **There could be some changes to this, so be watching facebook and the shows website.

I am very honored to have been asked to be a Featured Fly Tyer this year.

You will be able to find me at the Featured Fly Tyers Booth From 3-4pm Saturday and Sunday. Please come and watch me tie some "Creative" flies this weekend.

Preparing for the Virginia Show

Now back to what i've beeb doing to prepare for the show this weekend- I have been tying flies, like crazy, to fill my show boxes. In between show flies I have also been filling a few custom orders here and there. Displayed at my booth I will have a variety of my newest fly (a co-creation with Grant Alvis), called the Cardiac Arrest, of course there will be game changers (#gamechanger #changeyourgame #BlaneChocklett), lots of streamers and articulated streamers. I have also tied up some of my Fair Fly Brush flies (#fairflies #flyfur), my Mahi Minnow, and I will have a couple different types of Bob Popovic's flies (#bobpopovics #hollowfly).

Packing up my materials

Speaking of Bob Popovics, I am trying to take his advice and cut back on taking some much material to shows. I picked up some new show material boxes for this season, that were recommended to me by a friend and fellow tyer, Mike Beckley/dead_guy_fly, so hopefully everything will be more organized and easier to work around in the booth. I will admit I was having some trouble limiting my material choices; I just want to have a large variety of material so I can tie anything and everything. You have to give it to me, I am 14, there is no way I can tie the same 2-3 flies the entire weekend.

Now you see, now you don't...

This weekend I will have help from my friend Grant Alvis. He will be in and out of my booth helping me while I am away at times, teaching a class, in the Temple Fork Outfitters booth (#templeforkoutfitters #tfo #tforods). Grant is a local fly tier and we often fish together (he’s you go to snakehead fishing guide ). He is a very talented tier and I am excited and grateful to have him helping me out when I have to be somewhere else.

Who is going to stop by my booth at the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival in Doswell?

I can not wait to be back at one of my favorite shows of the year! Can you blame me, its basically in my backyard! Another plus is - who doesn’t like sleeping in their own bed after a long day at a show! I hope to see many of you stopping by the booth, you will find me directly next to the Norvise booth. Make sure to register and pay for any classes you want to take in advance, you can purchase your show tickets online now, and for those 21 and up, when you purchase a show ticket or weekend the ticket pass it includes free wine tasting.
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