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Thank you for choosing to support Braden by placing an order from the flies displayed below on this page or placing a custom order. Please remember Braden is fourteen years old, in the eighth grade and is a very conscientious student.  He is currently taking all freshman classes, including Spanish II and he has a heavy workload. In order for Braden to attend eight shows a year, some which require travel and time away from school, out of town fishing trips and tying flies, we as parents, expect him to maintain a certain GPA. When Braden returns home from school he immediately completes his homework and studies for any up-coming test or quizzes, BEFORE he settles in to tie flies for the night.


Any special orders will be tied around his school schedule and workload. We ask for your patience and allow for a 6 week lead time on all orders as I currently have seen an influx in orders.  All orders will be tied in the order they are received, unless someone has special circumstances.  *If you have a time sensitive need, make sure to include that while placing your order and you will receive an email letting you know if it is possible for Braden to complete your order on time.* 

Please be patient between the middle of January through the end of March, Braden will be attending seven shows. In between shows he will be diligently tying to replenish his fly selection to sell at his next show.  He will also be working on any custom orders received, again in the order they are received, either online or at a show.  Please remember orders may take longer than usual to be shipped during show season.

Crafty Changer with Fair Flies Fur 3.5"-4" Long
If you order a Single or Double Cardiac Arrest make sure to you list how you want the tail and what color(s).

NOT ACCEPTING custom orders at this time 

I apologize, but I have currently have reached capacity on custom orders. It would not be fair to keep taking orders at this time. Once I am caught up, I will re-open my ordering link and announce i am accepting orders again on my social media accounts.  You may click the link below to receive an email before I post on facebook and instagram. (if you subscribe to my website you will be notified when new things are posted). **If you do not have any time constraints on your order you can always email me at Braden@millertimeflies.com.

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