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Learn To Tie Braden's Large Predator Popper

Sunday, July19th Braden was live on the Norvise Facebook page.  This live was a tie along with Braden as he tied a Large Predator Popper fly he uses for Pike, Musky and a variety of saltwater fish. Check out the material list below so you can tie along with Braden.  Please let Brady know if you have any questions about anything in the video.  You can use the contact link at the bottom of the page or social media, which ever you prefer.
Braden's Large Predator Popper's Material List
This is a general material list so you can choose your own colors
1 - Large Popper Head of your choice (this is the Rainey’s link to the popper head I used you will need to find a local or online shop that carries these -
1 - 6/0 Hook (This AHREX hook is Braden’s preferred choice) -
1 - 40mm Chocklett's Big Game Shank -
2 - Colors of Bucktail -
Grizzly Saddels -
Mirage Flashabou -
Small Lateral Scale -
Hareline Hard As Hull (Original in the blue bottle) -
Solarez Bone Dry -
Solarez Thin -
 Below are the exact materials and colors Braden tied with in the video 
-Rainey's Chartreuse Big Eye Popping Head (this is the Rainey’s link, you will need to find a local or online shop that carries these -
-6/0 Gamakatsu SL12S hook -
-White Semperfli 100 Denier Nano Silk Predator Thread 6/0 - -----Chartreuse  Bucktail -
-Orange Bucktail -
-Chartreuse Grizzly Saddles -
-Mirage Flashabou -
-Small Lateral Scale -
-Hareline Hard As Hull -  (Original in the blue bottle)
-Solarez Bone Dry -
-Solarez Thin -

Featured Fly Tier: Braden Miller

Being successful and making a difference in the fly fishing industry is no easy task. Doing so at the age of fourteen is undoubtedly something extra special. Braden Miller of Miller time Flies is a middle school student by day and professional fly tier by night with a future in the industry that we here at Flylords are very excited to see unravel. We recently had some time to catch up with Braden and talk to him about his fly tying adventures thus far.


Recorded live on 5/3/2020 during one of Norvise's weekly Sunday night Facebook Live Events.
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Heading 6

J. Stockard's  Fly Fishing 's

May Fly  of the Month

By: J. Stockard Jr. Pro Tyer Braden Miller

Jr. Pro-Tyer Braden Miller's Full Dressed Feather Game Changer was picked as J. Stockard Fly Fishing's April Fly of the Month. Braden tied this fly as his round two entry during the Norvise March Madness Fly Tying Competition.  Click below to see Braden's material list and step by step directions on how Braden tied this beautiful fly.  If you have any questions please feel free to send Braden a message through the link at the very bottom of the page.



By: Len Waldren

Braden did an interview shortly after Christmas with Flyfishing and Tying Journal Magazine.  He was excited about the article coming out.  when he found out he was going to be on the cover he was speechless.  We hope you enjoy the article.

Click above to read the article

"Monsters of the Marsh"- Apex Predators of Virginia's Tidal Region

Created and Narrated by: Josh Dolin with Have Rods Will Travel

In this episode we go deep into the tidal marshes of eastern Virginia to hunt down some of the countries coolest and most aggressive predators. Joining us are anglers Grant Alvis and Braden Miller as we target Virginia's native Bowfin as well as the newly introduced Northern Snakehead.

Fly Fishing Journeys Podcast

Hosted by:  Rob Giannino

Braden Miller is an amazing young fly tier. In this podcast interview from the International Fly Tying Symposium, he shares with us his passion for fly tying and fly fishing. The story of how his visits to the fly fishing shows led him to become a youth ambassador with TFO Rods and Norvise is absolutely awesome. In addition to being a great fly tier, he's an exceptional young man.
Thanks to the sponsors of the Fly Fishings Journeys:
The Fly Fishing Show:
Bissell Insurance:

The Articulate Fly Podcast:

Braden Miller of  Miller Time Flies

Hosted by: Marvin Cash
In this episode, I catch up with Braden Miller, the fourteen-year-old, fly fishing phenom from Glen Allen, Virginia, and the driving force behind Miller Time Flies. Thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival.
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