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Norvise March Madness Competition


During this crazy time in the world Norvise came up with a way to try and distract us for a while with fly tying competition. For the first Norvise Tiers March Madness they decided to start on the smaller side and accept 32 people. I have started out the competition on the left hand side of the bracket, in Game #6. I am matched up against Bryan Bradford in the first round. A nymph, not my specialty as most of you know, was the first type of fly chosen for the competitors to tie.


I decided to try tying a Mayfly Nymph Micro Changer, inspired by Blane Chocklett's variety of micro changers, on my Norvise. This fly has six articulations using Flymen Fishing Company's Fish-Skull Chocklett's Articulated Micro Spines. I choose ostrich hurl for the tail, a RD Baitfish Brush for the body, rubber legs, I cut bead chain for the eyes and used Solarez Flex for the carapace. I tied it on a size 4 Kona Hook. Please message me with any questions regarding how I tied it or if you would like to see a video on how to tie one of your own.


I am grateful for the amazing amount of support I have received in the first six hours since Norvise posted my bracket was open for voting ( only until Friday at 7 PM). I had a lot of fun challenging myself to tie a nymph, of course I had to put my spin on it, during the first round. I am hoping I make it through several more rounds of this competition, but it will take everyones votes to keep me in the game. Thank you to those of you that voted for me during the first round. I will continue to try and think outside of the box for as long as I am lucky to continue in this competition of talented tiers.


For the latest updates make sure you keep an eye on the Norvise Facebook Page every day as new brackets are being opened for voting. You will not want to miss the weekly Norvise Facebook Live Event on Sunday nights at 7 PM when Tim O'Neill will be announcing who will be paired against each other in the next round and what type of fly everyone will be tying.

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