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Round 2 of March Madness


Last week was round two of the Norvise March Madness Competition. I tied a Blane Chocklett Full Dressed Feather Game Changer. In round two I was up against a friend of mine and fellow Norvise Ambassador, Ed Hayes. He is known to tie some really, really good looking changers and has recently been tying a lot of them while hanging out at home during the Stay At Home Order. You should go check Ed's Facebook page to see what I am talking about. So, when I found out I was going against Ed in round 2 bracket, which of course was Streamers, I brought my A Game.



For those of you who would like to know how I tied this fly, I will do another blog post soon. I will definitely do a list of step by step instructions for you, but I am still debating on videoing while tying another one because the video would be three hours or longer!

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